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Posted by RPGmastar - March 20th, 2012

After having not internet support for my desktop and my laptop fucked up beyond all hope of fixing, I'm back with another review!

Kamen Rider Fourze: Space on your hands!

The next in the series after Kamen Rider OOO, Kamen Rider Fourze revolves around a young high school student Gentarou (or Gen for short) and his friends who form the Kamen Rider Club (KRC for short) whose goals is to stop the Zodiarts (the seasons monsters) from harming the students of the school.

Gen, who although dresses like a school punk, is a kind over friendly guy who is always going on about becoming the friend of everyone is his school (and he actually starts to accomplish this.) becomes Kamen rider Fourze to protect his friends. Using different SWITCHES (which have Cosmic energy) he gains different weapons and abilities.

Besides Fourze, there's Meteor, who unlike Fourze, only cares about fulfilling his goal even if it means innocent people get hurt or killed.

At first glance the show is off putting, the characters are annoying as hell and kinda bland but give it a chance cause as the show goes on, they develop and actually become interesting 9but still annoying but hey, they are teenagers after all...)

I believe the plot was written by the creator of Teggen Toppa Gurren Lagann which is the most epic anime series ever made by man.

Seriously, check the show out. It starts slow but it's pretty good. The rider suit is stupid looking but the powers are sweet and the gimmicks stick with the subject matter (Space)

4-5 stars.

Next Up: BlueXephos (Yogscast) and Thesyndicateproject.

These 2 youtube bloggers are seriously funny and you should check them out.

Both play Minecraft as well as various other games while chatting about random stupid funny things that keep people coming back for more everytime. Look them up on youtube and be amused.

that's all for now.



Posted by RPGmastar - March 18th, 2011

Now I'm not a big fan of Super Sentai (AKA Power Rangers) with the exception of Shinkenger (Power Rangers Samurai) but I got to say, the new Sentai series Gokaiger has some serious potential.

In the series the 34 (or so) teams of Rangers team up to stop an alien invasion on Earth. Using a combined final attack, they defeat the threat but at the cost of their powers. Years later, a group of pirates arrive on Earth to steal the greatest treasure. The problem is, they have no clue what it is. Suddenly, the alien force that attacked years ago returns and with no rangers to stop them, they reap chaos on the city until the pirates reveal that they are the Gokaigers who weild the ability to transform into ANY of the previous rangers!

This show is seriously for hardcore fans. With cameos from previous rangers and fanservice (the non perverted kind meaning they use attacks and suits from the other series even from the 70's)

It has a cool charm to it and I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't as stupid and kiddish like the other sentai series (with Shinkenger being the only exception) it deserves a look.

Now for Power Rangers Samurai. I love the fact that Saban got back the rights to Power Rangers and it's easy to see that they care for their adult fans of the classic Might Morphin Power Rangers. From the familiar theme song (Go Go Power Rangers!) to the return of Bulk (the Bully from MMPR) now with his nephew. The moment it begins it's as if i was sent back in time to when I was a kid and Rita is attacking Angel Grove.

That said, it is a kid's show. From the cheesy friendship speeches to the lame attack names and retarded puns. It's so stupid that it's hard to watch if your an adult. That said, there are some good points to be said. It's closer to the original version of the show Super Sentai Shinkenger then any of the other Power Rangers series is to any of their Sentai versions. The fights are cool to watch and the music is pretty catchy (like I said: GO GO POWER RANGERS!)

It's good if you take it for what it is: a kid's show that makes tributes to the show that started it all. Welcome back Saban. You were missed.

Raptr is a program that connects to ur 3b0, PS3 profile to show the games u play and achievements you've gained as well as acts as a chat program similar to AIm or MSN. It's pretty cool and should be checked out.

Raptr check it out.


Posted by RPGmastar - February 5th, 2011

You know what sucks? The fact that the 360 version of L4D2 doesn't support fanmade maps like the pc version does. I WANT TO PLAY THE ONE 4 NINE MAP GOD DAMNIT!! It's a very well made and epic campaign map made by a fan. BUT YOU CAN ONLY PLAY IT ON PC OR MAC!! Bullshit.

In other news, I've been watching ANGEL and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy sucks cause it's too much of a teen girl's soap opera kinda like 90210 with vampires...or twilight ( >.< )

ANGEL on the other hand.....is full of epic win. Funny as hell (an example is when someone would tell people a secret like Fred telling everyone Spike is going to hell everytime he vanishes and their would be a moment of DUN DUN DUN and.....the others would just shrug and say they kinda figured. It makes you laugh at the most stressed moments ON PURPOSE)

The action is pretty good and non of that girly teen agnst Twilight shit! THIS IS A REAL MAN'S VAMPIRE SHOW! ( ^.^ )

The characters are likable (Unlike Buffy who's annoying as fuck. Xander is fucking awesome as fuck tho. So is giles.)

The opening theme is just.....EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (note the ! )

The last episode was cool. I liked the open ending (The series continues where the Show left off in the comics like Buffy does.)

Check it out.

Recently got my hand on a RC Electric Drift capable car and HOLY SHIT it was awesome. Check out this vid:

Awesome huh.


Posted by RPGmastar - September 16th, 2010

Airsoft, it's basically like paintball only with bb's.

/* */
Extremely realistic looking guns (most can use real steel AKA real gun accessories like lasers, grips, sights, etc...)

It's a popular sport that started out in Japan (from what I have researched. I could be wrong)
you and your team act out Military scenarios (Close Quarters Battle or CQB, rescue the hostages, Destroy the target, etc....)

it's awesome. You wear military clothing (you don't HAVE to but it's cooler and more realistic)

It's an awesome sport that should be checked out. to buy the guns try redwolfairsoft.com, they have great products, can help you get started and even mod or upgrade your airsofts for you. there's also Evike.com (which is the best IMO for American airsofters.) and Airsplat.com.

fair warning, check your gun laws and buy gun cases cause if your caught publically carrying an airsoft without a case, you WILL GET ARRESTED! Some states require you to have a license or they are illegal. (In NY it's strange, it states that they are Illegal but then it states that some areas it is Legal so New Yorkers, check to make sure or just don't be retarded and get caught with them.

/* */
In other news, I have posted 2 new songs and me and a few of my Tech friends are building a open source device similar to the Pandora (google it if you have no clue what I'm talking about)

it'll have an HD touchscreen, bluetooth, USB ports, Mic and camera built in and most likely a linux based Operating System.

Kamen Rider W has ended and the final episode was truly great. The characters was very well done and Shoutoro is truly a Half-Boiled Detective with style.

Now it's time for Kamen Rider OOO: I've only seen episode one so far as it has just started this month but from what I've seen, it's looking good. Created by the people that did Den-O and Kiva and it's easy to see from looking at OOO.

Let's say good bye to the 2-in-1 Rider and hello to the Rider with a Vending Machine Motorcycle! (seriously, look it up. I'm not making this up)


Posted by RPGmastar - July 24th, 2010

Main site

I just downloaded the free version of this 3D game Engine (the pro version is like 1,200 bucks)
and let me tell you:


I just finished part one of the FPS tutorial and man i felt like a professional game programmer.

If you design or want to design games check this engine out. It's free and if you have the cash you can upgrade to pro for even more useful features.

If you plan to program games professionally, this is a must have!

Now: I've recently started getting back into old video games and consoles.

Hooked up my old SNES and NES plus I have a portable SNES on the way to my house. (kinda looks like a modded DS)

Currently I'm looking for the FZ-1 model of the 3DO REAL system and the Gex game (as well as the Dragon's Lair cd!) If anyone is willing to send me a console or games I would love you for like ever!!!!!

Or....you can send me links to get it for cheap (it must be in good condition.)

PM me for the info!

Protip: NEVER play Chester Cheetah Too Cool To Fool SNES game. It sucks.

Unity: 3d Game Engine

Posted by RPGmastar - March 27th, 2010

I have finally gotten off my ass and worked on my cafepress store:

My Store

check it out. buy some stuff and tell your friends! (please)

I someday plan to open an airsoft store but dont have the funding needed to open one.

I'm gonna be honest.....

I havent seen or heard anything to review/rant about lately. Instead I have been working on a horror script for a movie.

Basically it's about a group of ghost investigators who split up in a haunted house. It's in FPV (first person view) and focuses more on sounds and weird movements just barely out of sight like in most asian horror rather then the BOO! jumping out of the corner american horror.

But dont worry! I just got RAYMAN for the PSP so as soon as I beat it (or get too mad to finish it. It's fucking HARD!) I'll post my thoughts of it here!

My online store

Posted by RPGmastar - February 22nd, 2010

Now I'm going to talk about the most Badass Motherfucker since Shaft.....Beyond the Grave.

GunGrave is an anime and video game series that focuses on a man known as Beyond The Grave. Why is he called that? Because he's a zombie. Yes I said zombie. Let me explain.

The anime tells the story of Grave and the scientist that revived him as well as the daughter of the woman he loved and the man he worked for. The first half of the anime starts years before he becomes Grave and tells the tell of Brandon Heat who would later become Beyond The Grave and his best friend Henry who would betray and kill him. It explains how they would join a powerful malfia group and how Brandon forms a sort of father son bond with the boss who would later marry the woman Brandon loves with his Ok. The 2nd half of the anime focuses on the events that happens after he is brought back to life as a sort of intelligent zombie who's purpose is to protect the daughter of his boss and former love as well as destroying the malfia and killing his former friend. This is where most of the action lies.

Beyond The Grave has 3 weapons:
Cerburus Left and Right heads which are two highly powerful handguns
and a strange heavy metal coffin which holds many different abilities from becoming a chain gun to launching missles to becoming some sort of Nuclear Plasma gun thing (only seen in the games)

A great anime that focuses highly on plot and the development of the characters. It's realistically shown how Henry's lust for power leads him to betraying anyone in his way and how Brandon becomes Grave. There isn't much action going on as the series focuses on plot and character but when it does appear it is AWESOME!!! Blood, Gore, Body parts flying every where....FUCKING A MAN!

Plus the Soundtrack is one of the best I've heard in an anime. It's up there with Hellsing. You can find both OSTS at Khinsider.com

(Someone please make a beat out of either of these osts please!! Especially World Without Logogs the hellsing opening song!!!)

By the way Hellsing the anime is some sick shit! Focusing on a group known as hellsing and it's #1 hunter, a Vampire known only as Alucard (yes it's Dracula backwards. you figure out what that means plot wise....) Tons of violence and body parts flying and sexual references (the idea originaly formed as a hentai manga which once was released inspired the artist/writer to make Hellsing)


Posted by RPGmastar - January 29th, 2010

.Hack (or Dot Hack) is a anime and video game series that focuses on the players of a fictional MMORPG known as THE WORLD. A strange virus infects the game and causes players to fall into comas and sometimes their mind ends up being unable to log off the game.

The series started with the anime .Hack//Sign:

The World has become the most successful online game ever, played by millions of people across the globe. But none of that concerns Tsukasa - all he wants to do is log off, and he can't! He seems to be a virtual prisoner inside the game - which, as he discovers, gives him some rather unique abilities. During his wanderings, he meets a variety of characters and soon realizes these encounters may be his only chance to break free of the game

from there the story begins and continues in the PS2 4 game series starting with .Hack//Infection:

Kite, a new player along with his high level friend end up in a strange field and notice a young girl being attacked by a strange monster who has Infinite HP. Watching his friend's avatar get destroyed he discovers that in the real world, his friend has ended up in a coma. Seeking answers he teams up with various players and with the use of the strange ability known as Data Drain which allows him to rewrite data, he becomes the center of a event of epic lengths. In the end, he and his friends end up becoming such legends that their story becomes a part of the game as the legend of the .Hackers (which is refereed to in the later series)

There are more games and series but those two are the ones I'm most familiar with.

.Hack is incredibly deep and it's very easy to see that allot of thinking was put into the back story.

It easy to miss the connections to the other series if you don't pay attention or haven't watch them all. an example is the fact that one of the support characters from the G.U. games was Elk from .Hack//Infection and that he and his cat played a vital role to the back story in the oavs

Not for the faint of heart (the plot will confuse you if you dont watch and play the ENTIRE .Hack series)

but I recommend at least checking out Signs or Infection.

The music is awesome and sets the mood real well and the games act just like an MMO (with the oh so anger inducing level grinding) and each game lets you carry on your save to the next one once beaten! (which makes things easier if your already Lv.60 when you start the first lv in pt2 or 3 cause the monster are STRONG!!!!!!)


Posted by RPGmastar - December 7th, 2009

If you're a Metal Gear Solid fan or even just think Solid Snake is a badass, then you gotta check out Hive Division's Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy (MGSP)

MGSP is a purely fanmade movie that us over an hour long that focuses on Solid Snake and the Anti-Metal Gear Terrorist group Philanthropy.

Solid Snake along with two other members of Philanthropy, must retrieve a Senator who has ties to Armstech. During the mission, they discover that things aren't right.

For a fanmade movie, the Special effects where top notch and the acting was very well done with some minor errors. The voice over (the movie was made in Italian and dubbed in various languages) are for the most part well synced with some off synced moments (tho to me it makes it feel closer to the original game)

The music, while made for the movie, felt like it belonged in the game and they even got the felmale singer for MGS' ending song The Best Is Yet To Come, to sing the Movie's ending Will There Be An End.

With an Excellent plot and and Soundtrack, I totally recommend every fan of the franchise to check this movie out.

Watch and download for free at The Main Site

/* */

Fanmade 60+ min Metal Gear Solid Movie

Posted by RPGmastar - December 4th, 2009

This is Shibuya but not Shibuya.
15 year olds living in a vitural world.
Sh15uya (Shibuya 15)
Only the pain....is real.

Shibuya 15 AKA Sh15uya is different from your usual masked hero type show.

The story focuses on Tsuyoshi, a 15 year old who wakes up in an alley with no memories and with only a written message hidden in his mouth telling him to escape Shibuya from someone called Revi.
He quickly discovers that the city is run by 3 rival street gangs, the Palhands, which he discovers that he is a member of, are power hungry and will do anything to get what they want.

The LoveGen is a all female gang in which the leader befriends and falls for Tsuyoshi.
And the Bunkamu, who are street dancers and love sports.

It's revealed that an entity called Peace hunts down kids who have a special mark that appears on their hands if they go crazy, try to seriously kill someone or something else extreme. His job is to kill them and no one tries to stop him, not even those who are marked.

Then there's Ema, a strange girl who can summon some sort of armor which allows her to fight and kill Peace whenever he appears. The kids hate Ema and it seems that Tsuyoshi was close to her before he lost his memories.

Peace cant be truly killed cause he takes control of an adult's body and seems to be able to return from the dead.

Ema is heartbroken to find that Tsuyoshi's memories are gone and seems to be wary of a giant blimp which has a giant eye on it's side that hovers above the city.

Ok, right of the bat you can tell this show is different from your usual Japanese super hero shows. The story revolves around young kids in gangs and talk about violence and sex. There's kids being stabbed, having their skull crushed in from pipes and other gruesome deaths and the good guy may not actually be good.....

This is something you need to check out. With only 12 eps, the story is fast paced and the action is very well done. Some cheesy CGI but it's all good.
(Random Fact: The person who plays Tsuyoshi is actually a girl.)

Dark Kings:
If you ever seen Fist Of The North Star, then you will love this show.
Taking place during FOTNS, Dark Kings follows Kenshiro's older brother Raoh as he tries to conquer the world.

Fast pace action, tons of killing, rape and stealing. This is not a kids anime. This is a real man's show.

Some may think this show is just about senseless violence but there's more to it. The plot is deep despite being only about 13 or so eps and the characters where very well developed. We get to see a different side of Kenshiro's world.

I've only seen a few eps but you really need to see this anime.