2009-09-11 13:37:15 by RPGmastar

Garo is a fucking awesome Live action show.

Granted I've only seen 3 eps so far, I love it.

Plot:Monster called Horrors feed off of humans and it's up to our hero to kill them by becoming a magical knight wearing golden demonic looking armor. Human's who are touched by Horror blood must be killed because they act like catnip for other horrors and it's foreshadowed that something worse then death happens to them within 100 days if they aren't killed.

Fighting: AWESOME!!!!!!!!! They can actually fight and not in the Power rangers way but in the Jet Li way.

Music: Fit's the series but not to my personal liking.

Character's: I love them. The main character's outfit kicks major ass.

Special effects: really good

Overall: Check it out. (as usual, can be found at Tvnihon's forum.)

DJ-Delinquent, I believe you would love this series.



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2009-09-11 16:15:26


the review is pretty short

all i got was some kung fu Demons killing each other and Boss with a kool name...

i love kung fu so you never know

i may just like it actualy


RPGmastar responds:

Like I said, I've only seen 3 eps so far but so far it's good. When I finish the series I'll post a longer review.


2009-09-15 02:55:58

Look for a Hentai called "G-Spot Express"

herd for Hentai that is a good story.

also try finding Hell Girl Season 2 and 3 English Dubb

i shall kill a man for it if i have to